How it works - World of Artistry

1. Joining the World of Artistry community is free and will stay free forever.

2. To join, please apply to join our closed facebook group. All activity starts from there. Just click on the link "Join us" in the menu on the left and you will get to our facebook group.

3. Once accepted, you can post up to 3 photos per day in this group. The admins will choose photos for the website from the group posts.

4. You will get notified via a comment underneath your photo if the image is eligible for sale on the website.

5. You then send a high-res version of the image to us by email and we put it up for sale on the website. Special instructions of what needs to be included will follow within the group.

6. If you make any sales, you will get 33% of the sales price which equals 50% of the profits. Payments will be made by paypal only. Payments will be made monthly, usually between 1-5 days after we receive payment from our provider.

7. There will also be monthly challenges (e.g. sunrises). We will turn accepted photos from those challenges into photo books. The photographer whose image was chosen to be the book cover will get 50% of the profits from book sales for 3 years.

8. By joining us the photographer gives us permission to use his/her photos on our website. The copyright stays with the photographer. It’s the photographer’s responsibility to have the necessary model releases and licenses.

9. If the photographer joins a challenge he/she gives us permission to use his/her photos in the upcoming photo book.

10. In case the photographer wants to leave us, he/she simply has to send us an informal email. We will then remove his/her content from the website and make any outstanding payments as described above. Photos in published photo books cannot be removed.